While selling a project is second nature to Hannah and HB Property Group, her creation and management of sales teams within existing organisations or as part of the early stages of a project are also where her skills thrive.

Hannah understands that the right combination of sales team strengths will result in success for a developer, and she has demonstrated this with several projects managed both in-house and externally for a range of clients.

By working with an agency to identify the team members best suited to project sales and then mentoring them to hone those unique skills, or working directly with a developer to create or shape a sales team for a specific location and buyer demographic, HB Property Group can become an essential partner in successful sales team management.

HB Property Group offers the following Sales Team Management services:

  • Pricing and management of property portfolios

  • Pricing control

  • Management of internal or external property sales teams

  • Management of internal or external property management teams

  • Market analysis

  • Property assessment

  • Sales training of teams including role identification and management

  • Buying process management including strategy for sales, showings, closing

  • Staff management for open homes

  • Setting sales benchmarks, levels and targets

  • Conveyancing liaison training and management

HB Property Group is always focussed on the big-picture outcome for clients, using understanding, experience and skills that can only be honed by being at the forefront of project sales for nearly two decades.


Hannah has worked with several sales teams to share her wisdom and experience with them, delivering increases in performance and strong results.

In my search for an investment property, I was in communication with a large number of agents. It was immediately apparent to me that HB Property Group was different from the others. From my first contact with Hannah, I received the kind of relevant, detailed and targeted information that I needed to support me on my search. The quality and consistency of the Agency’s communication was absolutely excellent. They showed me a large number of suitable units and at all times, Hannah’s approach  was warm, friendly, patient and professional. I ended up buying two units and having seen the same professionalism in the sales process reflected in their property management division, I have entrusted them to manage the rental of both of my investments with confidence.

—  Dominic Posner, CENTRA TOOWONG