With rapidly changing market conditions affecting the way buyers think, react and choose where to purchase, Hannah has honed her ability to read the market and her experience with many projects to offer developers a unique development advisory service.

HB Property Group Director Hannah Howard works with developers in the very early stages of a project to assess a project’s scope and market analysis, its demographics and design impact, for both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality, and its offer from apartment mix, to amenities, to retail inclusions.

She advises on:

  • design and layout suitability for identified markets

  • pricing relative to location, market and product

  • suitability of retail mix for market and buyers

  • valuation

  • marketing strategy input

  • project naming, and more,

 – all from the perspective of its saleability from the buyer and salesperson journey, which translates into ROI for developers.

If brought in at the inception of a project, Hannah can also advise on site location its suitability as a desirable position for buyers to choose to live, by analysing its walkability, rentability and other factors.

In my search for an investment property, I was in communication with a large number of agents. It was immediately apparent to me that HB Property Group was different from the others. From my first contact with Hannah, I received the kind of relevant, detailed and targeted information that I needed to support me on my search. The quality and consistency of the Agency’s communication was absolutely excellent. They showed me a large number of suitable units and at all times, Hannah’s approach  was warm, friendly, patient and professional. I ended up buying two units and having seen the same professionalism in the sales process reflected in their property management division, I have entrusted them to manage the rental of both of my investments with confidence.

—  Dominic Posner, CENTRA TOOWONG